About Us

Our Mission

Restoring Health, Enhancing Life

Apex's mission is to invest in and operate businesses that restores health and enhances the life of those we serve.
Healthcare professionals use our medicines and diagnostic devices to treat and manage infections, cardiovascular, metabolic, gastroenterological, rheumatic conditions and more. Consumers use our medicated powder, nutritional supplements and other healthcare related products to enhance their state of wellbeing and quality of life.
Together with healthcare professionals and business associates, we take heart that our products play a role in the restoration of health and enhancement of life in those who use and trust them.

Our Vision

Becoming the leading player in pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare industries, creating greater value to customer and business partner.

Our Core Values

Accountability Our Driving Force – Integrity And Responsibility
Professionalism The Specialist In Us – Improving, Evolving, Innovating
Excellence Our Point Of Differentiation - Passion And Perfection
Xpertise The Pride In Us - Dynamism And Leadership

Our Core Business

Sales and Marketing
The dynamic growth of the Sales & Marketing Unit of Apex Pharmacy Marketing Sdn. Bhd. (APM) is a result of the team’s skill in strategizing and planning. This ensures that our clients are able to advance swiftly to their next business milestone.

The Apex Pharma Physical Distribution Unit provides logistical distribution services to principals in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Our Way of Working

With our expertise, we are able to bridge the gap among value chain stakeholders.

Our expertise includes:

  • Skilled Regulatory Affairs
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Influential Sales Force
  • Effective Operation Team

We established excellence collaboration with our partners through synergizing resources, core competencies and capabilities.